shit. The new Walleater song is called ‘Give In To Me’. The Leeds 4-piece have not so much written a song as directed an experiment in giving sound a physical massiveness.

From the start, the heavily distorted guitars swirl in their own chaos, simultaneously provoking hope and hopelessness, before seemingly calling off the attack and leaving space and time for the vocals to settle

I smile/ and it helps a little

But at the minute mark the chorus bursts open. ‘Give In To Me’ sucks you into to moving at its own pace, twice as affecting as anything played at twice the speed, and is accompanied by the euphoria of wilfully being pulled under by a song. The chorus’ hulking melody is hidden somewhere in the thick atmosphere of the distortion of the guitars and the vocals, the seemingly distant rasps of which give the song its most likely hardcore attributes.

The process repeats; the verse accepting the vastness of the chorus and we are thrown under again. Then a moment’s refection accompanied by the ‘tsks’ of a high hat, before, more willingly than ever, mountains of sound rain down and we are moved by the glacial force of ‘Give In To Me’. The song pulls punches in the short term, in favour of coming in from behind to knock you off your feet with a fist the size of a skyscraper.

Yo you know what this all means? Walleater are releasing an a self-titled 4 track EP on Close to Home Records on April 14th (digital release) to be spread over two 7-inch releases which hopefully means that sometime by the end of April I will have myself 14-inches of Walleater which probably wouldn’t even be enough. It all goes full circle and sound IS turned into physical massiveness after all (14 inches).