Soda Bomb 2

In other band-I-really-like-saying-they’re-releasing-new-music news, it’s Soda Bomb! There are promises of a full-length and also of a Cher cover and also there is this video from a live show which is almost entirely new songs, so that’s enough to be getting on with for now. All this is probably a reflection of a period in my life when the only reason I went on the internet was to see if there were any new Soda Bomb songs, but obviously there are plenty of old ones too!

First released on 2012’s Hooligan and then rerecorded for 2013’s The Future is Gonna Suck, ‘I Wanna Die’ is my favourite Soda Bomb song, ever.  The first 30 seconds or so are almost too good. There’s that guitar bit which summons the kind of awkward, never before released passions in me that mean it would probably be my hype song if ever I was gonna fight a dog to the death (but I would never actually hurt animals). If I were Soda Bomb (in my dreams), I’d use that opening guitar bit at least a few more times, but they only play it once which makes the song even more perfectly, brattily unsatisfying. Despite everything, ‘I Wanna Die’ somehow ends up being kind of life-affirming and uplifting. Musicians have tried for decades, or even longer, to express this kind of angst, and shining through the mountain of failed attempts is ‘I Wanna Die’ by Soda Bomb. It’s neither apocalyptic nor too clever, it is exact and essential.

‘I could never, I could never, I could never, I could never, I could never, I could never, I could never, I could never change’


The world holds its collective breath and awaits more Soda Bomb music

Go to bandcamp and download all of their stuff for free!




Eastern Bakery

In best-bread-related-band-since-Archers-of-Loaf news, Eastern Bakery recently announced they’d be releasing new music soon, which is great news considering how much (a lot) I liked the self-titled, 8 song EP they released last year. Although most songs clock in at well under 2 minutes, the EP is unhurried and not concerned with punky thrashings; it has a much longer lasting appeal. At times, the band are happy to sit back into chugging guitars, giving the drawling vocals plenty of space to connect to full effect. In one of the highlights of the EP, ‘Color Blue’, we are taken from lollipops to suicide in a matter of words in a master class of chilling understatement

‘Lollipop by the pool/ stains your mouth, color blue/ Suicide, they labelled you/ and your lips, colored blue’

From their name, to their cover art, to their vocal delivery, ‘understated’ is a pretty good way to describe the Isla Vista, CA based 3-piece, but these slacker pop punks, or whatever you want to call them, definitely pack a punch and can write killer tunes.

‘Stressing It’ is my favourite song from the EP, harnessing exactly the kind of slacker melancholy that these chill dudes are masters in.

‘Let’s just forget it/ Don’t even stress it’

Stay tuned for more Eastern Bakery news as and when I receive it…