I never fully know how excited to get about any band’s release, or whether if the excitement should be relative to any band’s status, but for what it’s worth I am looking forward to Cereal’s upcoming EP  a lot a lot.

The Falmouth based 4-piece came out with a demo called ‘SK8 or Die’ a month or so ago and just today released ‘Jonathonanon’, which slams into your ears as a raging bone-r-attler of a tune, before sitting back into a chugging, grungey riff as the vocalist (called Sam, I think) growls out the verses, sounding as if he’s almost quivering as he does so – maybe overcome with the energy of the guitars that is to follow him. The foil for the gruff vocals is the lead guitar line, which carries the song along; seeing it home with all the piercing ferocity of an electroshock-headache (haha). ‘Jonathonanon’ is a song that feels as if it’s already been in incredible motion before it even started, and by listening to it we only catch a glance of how unremittingly kinetic it is, I suppose because it seems to end with so much left to give, which is massively to its credit.

Maybe this idea of only glimpsing the potential of a song also comes from the fact that Cereal have only released 2 of them, the other tune, ‘Sk8 or Die’, is just as great, if different, featuring warming slacker melodies accompanied by whoops and joy.

I have to check myself sometimes when waxing so lyrical about any group, but sticking to the facts a moment Cereal are soon set to be releasing their Eat More EP. But from what I’ve heard so far it’s gonna be so much fun and one of the most slammin’ releases.

Both demos are ‘name ur price’ on Cereal’s bandcamp and sound better in headphones than from my laptop speakers.


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