Osoosooso is a project led by the not ‘ex’ but current State Lines member, JD, which is important because State Lines are still a band. Next month Osoosooso are releasing a 7-track EP from which ‘Neighbors’ is taken.

The first moments suggest that Osoosooso exhibit the stripped back pop-punkyness which was present in parts of State Lines’ second album (which is super great); it’s thudding palm muting ahoy, but then the drums and the other guitar twitch into action and the lyrics twist towards the tangible with the lines  ‘I thought I heard your voice in the back of my head/turns out you’re next door’ and suddenly you’re wrapped up in a full bodied, purposeful pop-punk tune as you figure out why frontman Jonathan hates his neighbours so much.

I tried to be the nice guy’ (either that or ‘I’ve been such an asshole’) is so often the call of the pop-punk; the world turning on them despite their best efforts, and Osoosooso is no exception and it turns out that bummed out guitar music is still the best way for smart, frustrated American late teens and early twenty-somethings to communicate their vulnerable admittance of emotions, often drawing from the mundane world they are surrounded by and about which they’re so cynical; ‘I hate the neighbours’, for example.

It’s just Osoosooso good (haha) and I’m really looking forward to the EP. Since I started writing this (I know right), the band previewed another of the songs from the EP, the intimate and twinklier, ‘Safe’ and it’s hard to decide if it is better than ‘Neighbors’ or not but it was never supposed to be a competition.

‘It lets me know I’m safe’



Wrexham garage Wrockers, Mowbird, have been bouncing around on Wales’ DIY scene for several years now, and they are releasing their debut full length LP on Cardiff’s Shape Records in six days. The 2 song preview of the LP currently streaming on Mowbird’s bandcamp has got me and the gang here at RATTLD HQ sitting down and typing with anticipation. But no, seriously, it’s gonna be great.

First up, it’s organ-led stomper, ‘Brompton’. Mowbird shine in their expansive use of their synth organ, and on what will be the album’s second track; the blaring organ riff provides a demented energy, similar in some ways to the frenzy of 8-bit synthpop, as the song veers towards the more surreal side of lo-fi garage rock.

The second song in the preview is ‘Happy Active Horse Organ’, and with a title like that it goes a long way to describing itself, the song ‘gallops’ along, for example. It is a pepped up re-recording of a song that has been with the band since their genesis (get the 1st version here 4 free) and despite its rerecording it still revels in being charmingly lo-fi, and obviously it features Mowbird’s organ blasts to navigate itself through its twists and turns.

Mowbird are also doing a semi-comprehensive UK tour (most of them with Radstewart!!) so go and see them in your town or your gran’s town and you can sleep on her sofa afterwards. Someone has decided that The Orwells, Drenge and Mowbird are all playing in Brighton on the same night in 3 different venues, so if anyone wants 2 Orwells tickets I bought a few months ago, text me on 0784013, cos I’m going to see Mowbird! (hopefully).