‘Expectations’ is the title track from Moses Campbell’s second album released on L.A’s Big Joy Records. The Echo Park 5 piece could be said to particularly noteworthy in that they include violinist Pauline Ley in their number and indeed it’s the slow lament of the violin which opens ‘Expectations’. The track is a lesson in tempering tenderness and aggression, catching the listener off guard with every change of tempo. There is a rawness to their performance and throughout their album the lyrics demonstrate a blunt, teen-angst sensibility – ‘‘I don’t know what to do/ Can’t live up to expectations’. Further reading into the lyrics of the album will bring up themes of seclusion and suicide.

In the breakdowns, the mathy guitars gleefully bounce around, until the sobering and searching chorus:

I don’t know who you are/ and I don’t know what you want/ From meeeeeee’.

‘Expectations’ presents a band trying to harness the correct emotion to throw at the song and in the end they give us everything they’ve got and it’s almost hauntingly sincere.



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