New Swears

New Swears are a 4 piece hailing from Ottowa, Canada but that is entirely irrelevant as all you need to know is that they specialise in, two minute, jangly garage-punk tunes. Earlier this year New Swears released their debut LP, Funny Isn’t Real, on Dirt Cult Records and for me, ‘Good Girls’ typifies their sound; harnessing as much of the energy of a live show as possible and putting it onto a record. The energy they are harnessing, however, is that of those seemingly unfeasibly DIY shows at house parties and in gazebos full of upside people and silly string, and that’s what this album sounds like. I don’t know how you get invited to these events, perhaps I live in the wrong continent to turn up to a party and have loads of pissed garage bands shout stupid stuff at me about drinking beer and dying, but everyone is invited to New Swears’ party on Funny Isn’t Real!

It’s hard to argue that a lot of garage punk doesn’t sound the same, but this album comes with all the freshness and enthusiasm of the DIY shows it has been the soundtrack for. The thing about a garage band’s first LP is that they are not obliged to rethink and reinvent the genre at all, as bands on their third or fourth album might have to. It’s just simple and genuine fun. ‘Good Girls’ rattles along at pace, with snarling vocals, typically fuzzed-out guitars and a brash, catchy chorus complete with keyboard glissando and house-party logic lyrics – ‘Sometimes good girls go bad/ bad girls they never go good’.

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